How Solar Street Lights Become A Viable Solution

Putting up street lights and keeping them well-maintained is actually one of the largest single expenditure of any city around the world. The lights keep the road safe and well lit. Staying up to date with the new developments that street fighting is proposing and adopting to solar lighting and advanced technologies dramatically reduce the electricity and greenhouse emissions, this is actually due to the latest technology given by solar powered street lights.

Locations for the Solar Powered Street Lights

solar street light bigSolar powered street lighting can be very economically  and also very viable for many reasons, and this is not only in areas where the cost of giving and providing electricity to all the consumers is very expensive but also in places where reducing electricity costs is a first priority. Solar powered street lighting is a judicious choice for different spacious parking lots, parks where people stay, long highways and roads, runways and airports and many other more public, private and military sites as well.


The adequate installation of the solar powered street lights usually depend on the expertise of the installer and the carefully planned geographically dependent solar batteries in order to power up the lighting system.

Usually, when electric street lights are placed, there will always be a need for excavation in order to put cables, because the power of the lights typically depend on the grid. But, when it comes to solar powered street lights, there is no need for excavation anymore because the light is not dependent to the power supplied by the grid.

Solar energy is used for the light in order to charge that self-contained battery inside during broad daylights and at night the power then is released by the battery power and lights the place where it is placed. There is a timer or sometimes called the photocell controls so the light cab is lit from dusk until dawn.

Setting Up the Solar Powered Street Lights

The set up of the solar powered street lights is actually quite simple and pretty fast. It can be usually installed in just less than a day, it can actually be done by any professional technician that is able to install and troubleshoot if there are any problems. The solar panel should be properly aligned in order for it to gather maximum energy during  broad daylight.

When installing the solar powered street lights There are a few things though that should be considered when you out on solar powered street lights, especially when planning using solar street lights. It is very important that you should be able to correctly size that different components such as the solar panels and the lamps and the solar controller as well depending on the geographic area.

When the solar powered street lights is placed and installed according to the geographic area, it can typically provide adequate illumination for years and years to come with much lesser maintenance time compared to the electrically powered street lights. When the light is LED or the Light Emitting Diode, it can actually work up to 2 days or 50 hours of light.

Aside from the fact that using solar powered street lights can actually save so much energy decreasing greenhouse emissions and puts natural solar energy to good use, it protects roads and public areas safe and sound. If all the lights are incorporated with adequate solar energy lighting, there will be so much energy concerned and the future will also be protected in so many ways. This  is actually a step for a better and greener future.

Knowing the Best Features for Great Street Lights

It has always been the case that safety and security is always guaranteed if you walk in a well-lighted street. The main reason why this is so is because there is always a greater chance for the bad elements to attack an innocent by-passer in a very dark place. If one would actually take time to notice, there are high cases of robbery along streets that don’t provide a good light.

solar street light 11It is of this reason as to why it is the responsibility of the government or even of any public agency to provide a well-lighted street especially in their neighborhood. Given this premise, there are a lot of solutions that one may be able to come up with. One of which is the establishment of solar powered street lights.

Now, these type of street lights are basically the most durable and the highest quality as compared to other street lights. One may easily feel disgruntled to find that a certain street light in your neighborhood will experience fluctuations in terms of emitting light and that is usually because one was not able to choose that which provides a good quality.

How to find a great quality street light?

If one would be on search to find the best street lights, then it is only but fitting and proper that one should be able to find solar powered street lights. These types of street lights are not only durable but they are also highly economical.

In addition to that, the fact that is being powered by solar energy provides you a more convincing truth that this is not something that is merely being considered thrash in the near future. The fact that it is able to draw its power through a renewable source of energy makes this street light a more preferable one as compared to other types of street lights.

Different Types of Solar Street Lights

The solar powered street lights are products by advanced technology and solar energy. It is run by a photoelectric effect which is made possible by the use of solar cells or photovoltaic cells. These solar cells trap the solar energy that is directed on them and converts them into electrical energy which will be stored in the battery. The lamps will get the electricity from their batteries.

How does solar street light works?

solar powered street lightingThe most abundant energy on the earth is the solar energy which is transformed into electric energy which is used by solar powered street lights. Street lights powered by solar energy are using photovoltaic cells or solar cells. Solar cells work during daytime by accumulating all solar energy that is directed to it. The energy stored will be used during night time. All street lights will automatically light up once the solar cells detected that there is no solar energy left. The energy on the battery will be consumed during the night time. If it is not enough for the whole night, it will repeat the process during the day to recharge.

Different types of solar street lights

Solar street lights are now becoming a common sight. However, not all street lights that you see are the same although all uses a solar panel or photovoltaic cells. Here are the different types of solar street lights:

•  Solar LED lights – LED or light emitting diode is made up of a chemical compound that emits the light when DC or direct current move through it. Most companies are manufacturing Solar LEDs because they are the most energy saving efficient type of solar panels that could last up to 80,000 hours.

•  Sodium vapor lights – This type of street lights uses sodium to give off the light. Like most solar powered lights, it requires no wiring therefore it is very safe to use. A whole day charge of its battery can last from 8 to 12 hours depending on the size of the lamp and solar cells.